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ACE - Achieving Classroom Excellence

ACE - Achieving Classroom Excellence

Men’s Rugby at The University of Tennessee is pleased to announce the development of the Achieving Classroom Excellence (ACE) program. Directed by Kirsten Pitcock, a trained professional on the academic experience of student-athletes, the ACE program serves as a multifaceted, voluntary academic achievement program aimed at guiding UT Rugby student-athletes in academic success. Not only does the ACE program enable the team to recognize academic achievement, it also provides the following academic success initiatives:

  • System of monitoring and tracking student-athletes’ academic progress
  • Direct academic intervention for students in academic distress
  • Course progress reports for students on academic probation
  • Frequent communication regarding on-campus academic opportunities
  • Tutoring referrals
  • Course selection assistance
  • Resume and cover letter review and critique
  • Graduate school application guidance
  • Academic mentoring and a resource for general academic questions

Participation in the ACE program qualifies UT Rugby student-athletes for participation in each of the scholarship and stipend programs offered by the UTRFC. Additionally, information gathered from the ACE program allows the UTRFC to evaluate the performance of UT Rugby student-athletes in relation to student-athletes participating in other sports at UT as well as the general student population.