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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in men's rugby at the University of Tennessee

We get multiple requests each week for information from student athletes from the high school league and around the world so we've attempted to answer as many questions as possible here. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

With the rapid growth of high school rugby throughout Tennessee and the US, more high school seniors are choosing to continue their education at a college where they can also play a high level of rugby.

What division / conference is UT in?
Tennessee plays in the Southeastern Collegiate Rugby Conference and competes in D1AA of USA Rugby.

Is Tennessee a "varsity" program?
UT Rugby resides in RecSports Department and therefore is not in the Athletic Department. However, the rugby team provides comparable services to many "varsity" programs including medical, academic, strength & conditioning and financial support for existing student athletes.

Does Tennessee Rugby offer Admissions Assistance? 
Each student must complete their admissions application for the University of Tennessee.  The coaching staff at times may be able to provide a letter of recommendation for students what have a relationship with the program through the recruiting process.

Does Tennessee Rugby offer (Out of State) Tuition Waivers?
While other schools may choose to provide tuition waivers as an inducement to enroll and increase enrollment, due to competitive admissions requirements of the University of Tennessee, we are not able to offer this type of assistance.

Does Tennessee Rugby offer Scholarships?
There are two types of Tennessee Rugby Scholarships. We have scholarships designed to reward players and loyal team members that have established themselves as committed players, good team members, and good students. UT Rugby also offers small scholarships / stipends to incoming freshmen that allows the student athlete to hold s signing ceremony and to help defray the first year's cost of playing the University of Tennessee.

Can I meet with a coach during a Campus Visit?
Student athletes that wish to take a tour of campus should arrange a campus visit with the Admissions Office. Once you've arrived in Knoxville coaches and student leaders of the rugby team will arrange to meet with you during your visit to Knoxville. Additionally, students should contact the coaching staff prior to arrival for summer orientation if they wish to meet with coaches while on campus. 

Is there a tryout or other type of qualification for Team Membership?
New players are always welcome. All we ask is that you become a member of the team and recognize the Volunteer Rugby Maxim, Principles, and Standards. All students enrolled at the University of Tennessee are eligible and encouraged to participate in rugby - no experience is required. While there are no tryouts or required testing; however, rugby is a contact sport that requires a commitment to practice and physical fitness. Simply complete the membership forms and return them at your first practice. 

How much does it cost to play rugby at Tennessee?
Players are expected to pay team fees each semester. The financial commitment each semester and year varies but a student athlete should expect to spend about $500 per year in core expenses related to participation.