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Grindstone Award

Grindstone Award

The Grindstone Award was formed in 2007 as a way to recognize those players that are dedicated to their education and the rugby club. The award is provided each year to club members with a commitment to UT Rugby and strong work ethic. The overall intent of the award is to recognize and lessen the burden for the student athlete that may be working or borrowing to assist in the funding of their education.

This award was created by Scott Williams, a UT alumnus and parent of a former UT player Russell Williams. Scott is a 1971 graduate of the University of Tennessee and a 1974 graduate of the UT Law School. His son, Russell Williams, played rugby at UT from 2001 until 2003 and graduated from UT in 2004.

History of the Grindstone Scholarship

2020 - Jacob Eicher
2019 - Dawson Moseley
2018 - Dylan Craven
2017 - Travis Vickers
2016 - Travis Vickers, Jordan Campbell, Charlie Holman
2015 - Nick Duklewski, Josh Landon
2014 - Nick Duklewski
2013 - 
Drew Stone, Forrest Stone
2012 - Steven Harris
2011 - Mason Howard
2010 - Jonathan Houck
2009 - Jonathan Houck
2008 - Gabe Woodson, Jordan Bowlus
2007 - Jeff Knotts, Jared Huisingh

Scholarship News