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Inducements in Rugby Recruiting

Scholarships | Out of State Tuition Waivers | Admissions Assistance

The first thing a high school student athlete and their family should understand is that there are no rules when it comes to collegiate rugby recruiting.  There's no governance of the recruiting process and no oversight of what is being said, offered and/or promised.

We have committed to being honest and forthright with scholar athletes and their families when discussing the University of Tennessee and the Tennessee Men's Rugby Club.


There are a few schools that offer some type of scholarship and/or financial inducement to play rugby.  Very few offer scholarship packages (multi-year).  There are some schools offering academic based scholarships and financial aid that are repackaged as rugby scholarships.  Know the merits on which the scholarship is based.  If its dependent on academic achievement (test scores & GPA) then its an academic scholarship.

At Tennessee
We offer small freshman scholarships that range in value from $250 to $1000 that are designed as a reward for selecting the University of Tennessee to continue your academic pursuit plus committing to continuing to play rugby in college.  This allows us to schedule signing ceremonies and provides the proper recognition to the player and the player's high school rugby program. 

Additionally, UT Rugby distributes $10k to $12k per year to students within the rugby program that have demonstrated excellence and commitment at the University of Tennessee and UT Rugby. These awards are typically reserved for upperclassmen.

Out of State Tuition Waiver

Some schools offer out of state tuition waivers as part of their recruiting process with a vast majority of these are admissions based scholarships, not because of a commitment to play rugby.  A handful of schools do have this benefit specifically for their rugby program and have used it with great success. 

At Tennessee
UT Rugby does not offer tuition waivers as an inducement to attend the University of Tennessee to play rugby.  Out of state tuition waivers are available through the university with the  Volunteer Scholarship program and through the Academic Common Market.

Admissions Assistance

Some varsity rugby programs have admissions placement and/or the ability to put their finger on the scale for admission of a recruit.  In general, club rugby does not have that ability.  

At Tennessee
UT Rugby maintains a close relationship with the Admissions department at the university but has no official authority to guide admissions applications.  The coaching staff at Tennessee will write a letter of recommendation for recruits that they have had to opportunity to meet with prior to the admissions process which can be a significant benefit when evaluating a student's extracurricular activities.