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Family, School, Rugby

Volunteer Rugby Maxim - Family, School, Rugby...

A Tennessee rugby student athlete must always keep their priorities in the proper order and lead a disciplined lifestyle that assures compliance to the Volunteer Rugby Maxim: Family, School, Rugby - in that order. If a team member isn't taking care of the first two, they have no business being involved with the third. Rugby at Tennessee should enhance the collegiate experience; not be a detriment to it.

Tennessee Rugby places the upmost importances on Faith and Family. We encourage and expect parental involvement and support that includes attending home games, traveling with the team and attendance at any and all of the other events that the team hosts. We provide family with a periodical email newsletter plus have a password only section of the website that parents can visit to obtain more detailed information on the team. Additionally, the team has a team chaplain and regular opportunities for players to grow in their faith should they so desire.

Tennessee Rugby takes the academic performance of its team members very seriously. A player must maintain a proper academic discipline to insure success in the classroom. The coaching staff monitors academic performance and may take prompt corrective action for a player that isn't peforming at the expected level.

Rugby at the University of Tennessee is grounded in a set of very fundamental standards. These standards provide the foundation of success both on and off the field.

Personal Responsibility — Take personal responsibility in your faith, your family and your academics. Remember that your first responsibility is to your Faith and Family, then to academic achievement.

Sound Decision Making — Sound decision making under pressure is the cornerstone of a solid rugby player both on and off the field.

Integrity — Do the Right Thing, even if no one is looking.

Pride — Have pride in your sport, your team and yourself. As a rugby player, your actions reflect upon all those associated with rugby and all current members, volunteers and alumni of your university.

Organization — Maintain organization and commitment to your position and role on and off the field.

Respect — Have respect for the game and its tradition of camaraderie and sportsmanship. Be gracious in victory and humble in defeat.

If you are interested in attending the University of Tennessee, become a Vol in Progress (VIP) and sign up for an official campus tour. The UT coaching staff will meet with you before and/or after the tour to give you a rugby specific tour and answer any questions you may. (

Head Coach Marty Bradley