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2019 UT Old Boys Weekend

By MTB, 06/10/19, 10:00PM EDT


Vols begin the celebration of 50 years of rugby at Tennessee

The 2019 UT Old Boys weekend will be held September 06 - 09 and will feature the first in a series of events to celebrate 50 years of rugby at the University of Tennessee.

2019 UT Old Boys Golf Tournament

Friday, September 06
Dead Horse Lake Golf Course

An Evening with the Robertsons

Alumni Match

Saturday, September 07
Tennessee v UT Old Boys
11:00 AM  Teams Formation
Noon Kickoff
Series of 15 minute periods

Inaugural Senior Masters Rugby Golf

A tradition unlike any other....

5 PM Shotgun Start
6 PM Final Round

Tennessee v BYU

Kickoff 7 PM

But isn't this the 49th year?

If you count seasons/academic years of rugby instead of treating it like a birthday or anniversary, you will find that the 2019/2020 academic year is the 50th academic year for rugby to exist on the campus of the University of Tennessee.  1970/1971 is year 1 so 2019/2020 is year 50.  If you add 50 to 1970 you indeed come up with 2020 but that assumes that the 1970/71 year is year 0 instead of year 1.  So, while an anniversary year would be at the conclusion of 50 years, we will be celebrating the 50 years of rugby at UT which starts this fall.