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All 50 Year 15s

By mtb, 09/16/19, 4:00PM EDT




Since it’s pretty much impossible to compare very different eras of UT Rugby, we’re actually going to select two All 50-Year 15s sides: one from those who played in the 1970 – 1994 era, and the other from those who played from 1995 – present.  And then we will announce an All 50 Year 15s Team in April at the Gala and 50 year celebration. 

1970 - 1995


Tyler Huskey


Bob Hampstead

Jason Kallivokas


Bob Ball

Gassan Kassira


Bob Miller

John McCord


Bill Bailey

Scott Brown


Mark Hilsenroth

Doug Powell


Paul Anderson

Rob Farley


Rob Halcomb

Mark Wenger


Mike McIntyre


Dan Parris


Mike Dulin

Alun Hardman


Mike Presnell

Keith Googe


Scott Caldwell

Ed Everett


Robert Peagler

Bob Bogan


Larry Phillips

Gerry Goffrey


Witt Edwards

Tom Wilson


Kevin Blalock

1996 - 2020


Josh Peay


Lucas Herrera

Steve Nabors


Tom Jallo

Jonathan Pledger


Keenan Kayser

Matt Abernathy


Kerry Roberts

Jason Barnes


Matt Neuhart

Michael Merschat


Joe Carpenter

Ryan Roper


Jessie Troxler

Wayne Chermely


Benji Goff


Jeremy Linne


 Brett Jones

Nick Vigder


Sammy Anderson

Nathan Ring


Mason Howard

Matt Johnson


Kevin Hartley

Brian Melroy


Dave Ellis

Rob Barkman


Nick Evans

Jason Gruner


Scott Jones

Nominating Process

Anyone who played can nominate and be nominated…and anyone who played can be selected! 

To be clear, you don’t have to only nominate those from the era you played:  if you’re a player of the ’70 – ’94 vintage, you can still nominate guys for the ’95 – present team.  Likewise, if you’re a younger guy, you can still nominate for the ’70 – ’94 team.

The player year that counts for nomination is the year the player received their mug and/or graduated from UT. 

The qualifications for nominations are simple: who was the “best” to play the position?  This selection is based purely on on-field performance and achievement.  We’re not worried about how they did in school…what they’ve done since.  Just, who was the Biggest Big Dog at each position during the respective eras.  (Opinions may vary…but that’s the point!  The only thing worse than being talked about…is NOT being talked about.)

30 players from each era will be announced at this year’s Old Boys Weekend, September 6-8.  A formal recognition of the sides and the Final All-50 15s side will take place at the 50th Celebration Gala in April.