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All 50 Year 15s

By mtb, 06/24/19, 5:30PM EDT


Since it’s pretty much impossible to compare very different eras of UT Rugby, we’re actually going to select two All 50-Year 15s sides: one from those who played in the 1970 – 1994 era, and the other from those who played from 1995 – present.  And then we will announce an All 50 Year 15s Team in April at the Gala and 50 year celebration. 


Nominating Process

Anyone who played can nominate and be nominated…and anyone who played can be selected! 

To be clear, you don’t have to only nominate those from the era you played:  if you’re a player of the ’70 – ’94 vintage, you can still nominate guys for the ’95 – present team.  Likewise, if you’re a younger guy, you can still nominate for the ’70 – ’94 team.

The player year that counts for nomination is the year the player received their mug and/or graduated from UT. 

The qualifications for nominations are simple: who was the “best” to play the position?  This selection is based purely on on-field performance and achievement.  We’re not worried about how they did in school…what they’ve done since.  Just, who was the Biggest Big Dog at each position during the respective eras.  (Opinions may vary…but that’s the point!  The only thing worse than being talked about…is NOT being talked about.)

After August 17th, a committee consisting of Marty, Butch and team captain representatives from each of the two eras will select the final side(s).

30 players from each era will be announced at this year’s Old Boys Weekend, September 6-8.  A formal recognition of the sides and the Final All-50 15s side will take place at the 50th Celebration Gala in April.

Nominate Someone

To nominate a player:

Name, Position, Year


Deadline: August 17