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Vols Claim East Division title with dramatic win over Wildcats

By MTB, 11/04/16, 10:45PM EDT


Tennessee heads to SCRC playoffs

Tennessee defeated Kentucky with a penalty kick on the final play of the match to claim a 24-22 win and the East Division championship.  

The Vols held a halftime lead on the strength of tries from Dyan Craven and Hayden Ryan.  The Wildcats were able to close the gap with a well earned try just before intermission.  In the second half the teams traded penalty kicks until UK took full advantage of a UT Yellow Card and beat the UT defense on the outside for a long range try. This try set up the dramatic final moments that saw the Vols with multiple opportunities for points after returning to full strength. Finally, on the final play of the game, Ben Schwartz nailed a penalty kick to reclaim the lead and the victory.

Both teams entered the contest with convincing 5-0 conference records. Tennessee now faces Florida at home next Saturday while Kentucky hits the road to square off with Alabama.  UT v UF kicks off at 1 PM at the Tennessee Rugby Park.  

The Tennessee reserves dug a hole in the first half and trialed 17-21 at the break only to explode offensively in the second half for a 53-21 victory.  The UT reserves were lead with some strong play from Duncan Bintrim, Michael Huntley, Riley Archer, Malcolm Easley and Tommy Lane.

Varsity Line Up

1. Keenan Kayser
2. Charlie Holman
3. Jordan Campbell / Creighton Couch @ 60 min.
4. Kerry Roberts
5. Nesto Rivas
6. Hayden Ryan
7. Dylan Craven
8. Josh Landon
9. Travis Vickers
10. Nick Duklewski
11. David Nuckells / Michael Turner @ 40 min.
12. William Holland
13. Justin Ransom
14. Ben Schwartz
15. Sam Hawkins

Reserve Line Up

1. Couch / Dixon
2. Bintrim (c)
3. Michael
4. Pitzenberger
5. Dixon / Easley
6. Fine / Mbugua
7. Huntley
8. Tamasese
9. Spitler 
10. Davis
11. Cook / Wells
12. Lane
13. Archer / Kim
14. Ilchert 
15. Urevick / Bradford

Scoring Summary

02:00  PK by UK  UT 0-3 UK
11:00  Try Craven / CK Schwartz  UT 7-3 UK
22:00  Try Ryan  UT 12-3 UK
28:00  PK by UK  UT 12-6 UK
32:00  PK by Schwartz  UT 15-6 UK
38:00  Try UK  UT 15-11 UK
Halftime:  Tennessee 15, Kentucky 11
49:00  PK by Schwartz  UT 18-11 UK
53:00  PK by UK  UT 18-14 UK
58:00  PK by Schwartz  UT 21-14 UK
70:00  PK by UK  UT 21-17 UK
66:00  Yellow Card UT
74:00  Try by UK  UT 21-22 UK
80:00  PK by Schwartz  UT 24-22 UK

Full Time:  Tennessee 24, Kentucky 22
Referee: Chris Gower
Asst Referee: Vince Giralomi
Asst Referee: Ben Dickenson

Reserve Match
Halftime:  Tennessee 17, Kentucky 21
Full Time:  Tennessee 53, Kentucky 21