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2017 UT Old Boys Weekend

By MTB, 06/30/17, 3:45PM EDT


Alumni return to campus on first weekend of fall

The 2017 UT Old Boys Weekend was held on August 25-27 and again included all the favorite activities including golf, brunch and of course playing some rugby on Saturday afternoon.

The weekend was once again kicked off with a golf outing and evening reception at Butch's house.  Saturday featured a full day of rugby.  This year, the day began with a jersey presentation that included the announcement of an honorary first 15.  The afternoon ended with a meal on the grounds and the announcement of the creation of the Captain's Circle - a hall of fame for Tennessee Rugby.  After an evening with friends that included the Mayweather / McGregor fight for most of us, the weekend concluded with Sunday brunch at Blackhorse Pub.

Schedule of Events

Friday, August 25

UT Old Boys Golf Tournament
Egwani Farms Golf Course

20 golfers participated in the shotgun start "Shamble".  

An Evening with the Robertson's
An evening reception at the home of Butch and Rebeka Robertson.

Saturday, August 26

UT Old Boys Match
12:00 PM  Teams Formation
1:00 PM  Jersey Presentation

The UT Old Boys squared off against the Young Bucks.  

An Evening with Friends
Old Boy dinner and evening activities.  Most tried to find a comfortable chair to await the Mayweather / McGregor fight.

Sunday, August 27

UT Old Boys Brunch
Blackhorse Pub and Brewery

Old Boys Use Experience to Overtake Young Bucks

  UT Old Boys
Honorary First 15
UT Old Boys
 First 15
UT Rugby
 First 15
1 Bob Hampstead (1979) Lucas Herrara (2012) Keenan Kayser (Senior)
2 Mike Wehby (1983) Logan McNeil (2016) Creighton Couch (Sophomore)
3 Paul Hampstead (1979) Brent Buckner (2012) Logan Doar (Senior)
4 Tyler Huskey (1994) Matt Neuhart (2012) Paul Mathis (Junior)
5 John Shaw (1987) Jack Donlon (2017) Nesto Rivas (Junior)
6 Scott Sandman (1992) Chris Agnew (2016) Kevin Fine (Senior)
7 Mark Wenger (1988) Collin Thul (2016) Dylan Craven (Junior)
8 Mike McIntyre (1984) Wayne Chermely (2002) Kerry Roberts Jr (Senior)
9 David Molesworth (1987) Joe Brink (2012) Travis Vickers (Senior)
10 Pat Shires (1984) Gabe Woodson (2011) Sam Hawkins (Senior)
11 Steve Merritt (1976) Duncan Bintrim (2017) John Via (Senior)
12 Jim Pyles (1972) Will Holland (2016) Justin Ransom (Sophomore)
13 Chris Gower (1996) Matt Johnson (2013) Tommy Lane (Sophomore)
14 Rob Barkman (2002) Jared Huisingh (2008) David Ilchert (Senior)
15 Lynn Rogers (1972) Luke Dyson (2015) Drew Davis (Senior)

Scoring Summary

1st Period:  5 - 12
2nd Period: 0 - 10
3rd Period:  0 - 7
4th Period:  7 - 15
Total:  12 - 44


Agnew, Chris
Barkman, Rob
Blalock, Kevin
Bradley, Marty
Brink, Joe
Broyles, Greg
Buckner, Brent
Burklow, Troy
Chermerly, Wayne
Donlon, Jack
Duklewski, Nick
Dulin, Mike
Dyson, Luke
Everett, Ed
Gower, Chris
Grim, Richard
Hallmark, Forrest
Hampstead, Bob
Hampstead, Paul
Harris, Steven
Herrera, Lucas
Holland, Will
Hopson, Phil
Huisingh, Jared
Hurtubise, Kevin
Huskey, Tyler
Jochmann, Mike
Johnson, Matt
Johnson, Matt
Johnstone, Jack
Kendrick, Harrison
Lollar, Brady
Mata, Reysheid
McCord, John
McIntyre, Mike
McNeil, Logan
Merritt, Steve
Molesworth, David
Mott, Chris
Neuhart, Matt
Peagler, Robert
Perrin, Jim
Pledger, Jonathan
Powell, Doug
Pyles, Jim
Robertson, Butch
Rogers, Lynn
Rosenblum, Ethan
Sandman, Scott
Shaw, John
Shires, Pat
Thul, Collin
Utterback, Paul
Visca, Wyatt
Wehby, Mike
Weldon, Michael
Wenger, Mark
Woodson, Gabe

UT Rugby Line Ups

  1st Period 2nd Period 3rd Period 4th Period
1 Kayser Campbell Moseley Kayser
2 Couch Kayser Dixon Couch
3 Doar Horak Horak Campbell
4 Mathis Couch Janowick Rivas
5 Rivas Drilling Mathis Janowick
6 Fine Rivas Walker Sheffield
7 Craven Kako Walter Craven
8 Roberts Shaw Eicher Kauvaka
9 Vickers Vickers Dorflinger-Slee Vaughn
10 Hawkins Davis Leatherwood Hawkins
11 Via Dukes McLaughlin Via
12 Ransom Wallace Montgomery Lane
13 Lane Griffin Rotter Davis
14 Ilchert Beacom Neal Leatherwood
15 Davis Watson West West