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Play for Tennessee

Play Rugby at the University of Tennessee

Rugby at the University of Tennessee is one of the most successful collegiate rugby programs in the country. May of your questions related to rugby at Tennessee can be answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you have reached our site in search of a rugby scholarship and/or a financial inducement to attend the University of Tennessee please visit our Inducements page for details.   

Volunteer Rugby Maxim: Family - School - Rugby
A Tennessee rugby student athlete must always keep their priorities in the proper order and lead a disciplined lifestyle that assures compliance to the Volunteer Rugby Maxim: Family, School, Rugby.

Student Athlete Support
While Tennessee Rugby does not offer admissions and/or financial assistance as an inducement to attend school at the University of Tennessee, it does have a support network for the student athlete that equals or surpasses any program in the country. Some of the services and benefits available to our players include:

Rugby Vol for Life
Most importantly, Tennessee Rugby is a family. Student athletes will gain a trusted friendship with one another and support one another throughout their college years and beyond. 

Recruiting Registration

If you are interested in attending the University of Tennessee and/or are interested in playing rugby for the University of Tennessee, please complete the below registration so that we can learn more about you and contact you.

Admissions and Tours

If you are interested in attending the University of Tennessee, become a Vol in Progress (VIP) and sign up for an official campus tour. The UT coaching staff will meet with you before and/or after the tour to give you a rugby specific tour and answer any questions you may. (