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Sexton Scholarship

By Mail:

University of Tennessee Foundation
1525 University Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37921 

Attn: Richard Sexton Rugby Scholarship Fund



Membership is open to any student or affiliated student at the University of Tennessee (or a participant in an affiliated academic program with the University) who: (1) meets the membership requirements as established by USA Rugby; (2) satisfies all requirements stated in this Article III; and (3) commits to playing the sport of rugby. A student who complies with all requirements stated in Sections A, B, C and D of this Article III is a member in “Good Standing” of UT Rugby. 

Membership is open to all students, and faculty/staff members where appropriate, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical or mental disability, or covered veteran status.

Sexton Scholarship

Richard Sexton was a pillar of the UT Rugby club during his time in Knoxville (1971 - 1976). His efforts on and off the field were critical to the success the club had in that era. Richard was willing to do whatever it took to help the club. Playing the game, washing jerseys, serving various officers' positions- nothing was too much to help the fledgling organization. He loved the game of rugby, the University of Tennessee, and the club. Even after his graduation, he keenly followed the progress of the team. Richard was also involved with rugby after graduation, playing with a men's club side and serving various positions with the early local unions.

Richard Sexton met his demise in an industrial accident on February 18, 1980. As a tribute to his life and to further his interest in helping the UTRFC, the Richard Sexton Memorial Scholarship Fund was established by his widow, Susan, Bill Peterson, Bob Miller and Chris Finch in that same year. This scholarship is an award to worthy club members who exemplify Richard's effort, enthusiasm, and commitment to the UTRFC. Since the first award in 1981 for $200 to one individual, over 100 scholarships have been awarded totaling over $120,000. In recent years, the average scholarship award has been between $2000 to $2750. The Richard Sexton Scholarship Fund is an endowment, as are most scholarship funds, which means gifts are made from the interest on the total amount of the fund each year.

Scholarship History

2022 - Josh Shetler, Kevin Thomas, Grayson Wallace
2021 - Marcus McClain, Tom Pelini, Will Ring
2020 - Patrick Beacom, Tory Griffin, Lantz Williams
2019 - Tommy Lane, Patrick Beacom, Creighton Couch
2018 - Tommy Lane, Nesto Rivas
2017 - Keenan Kayser, Travis Vickers, Sam Hawkins, Duquesne Cook
2016 - Jack Donlon, Keenan Kayser, Bobby Hughes
2015 - Logan McNeil, Will Holland, Jake Murphy
2014 - 
Will Holland, Logan McNeil, Lee Bogitsh, Ryan Roper
2013 - Ryan Roper, Lee Bogitsh, Joe Carpenter
2012 - Elliott Woodall, Nick Vigder, Matt Johnson
2011 - Samuel Anderson, Matt Johnson, Matt Neuhart
2010 - Seth Jones, Joel Fugate, Benji Goff 
2009 - Hunter Lee, Gabe Woodson, Jonathan Becraft
2008 - Andy Melroy, Zack Boswell, Hunter Lee, Joe McLaughlin, David Silverstein
2007 - Shane Randolph, Kyle DiMeola, Joseph Potter, Jason Hall 
2006 - Jeff Chapman, Kevin Hartley, Shane Randolph, Luke Woods
2005 - Josh Peay, Brett Jones, Jeff Chapman, Zach Murphy
2004 - Jesse Troxler, Brett Jones, Josh Peay, Eric Peterson
2003 - Jesse Troxler, Brett Jones, Josh Peay 
2002 - Jason Barnes, Jesse Troxler, Mike Scoutten 
2001- Jason Barnes, Garry Cornelius, Jeremy Linne
2000 - Scott Jones, Scott Randolph, Michael Towns
1999 - Mike Merschat, Scott Randolph, Michael Towns
1998 - Joe May, Mike Merschat, Scott Randolph
1997 - Rob Tenech, Robert Roy, Greg Schwartz
1996 - Mitch Kline, Bobby Roy, Shawn Van Dyke
1995 - Jon Olsen, Jonathan Pledger, Shawn Van Dyke

1994 - Greg Augustine, Mark Hilsenroth, Jason Kallivokas
1993 - Mark Hilsenroth, Tyler Huskey, Lawrence Jones
1992 - Ed Everett, Tyler Huskey
1991 - Ed Everett, Gassan Kassira
1990 - Gassan Kassira, Chris Mott, Ed Everett
1989 - Phil Hopson, Mike Presnell
1988 - Phil Hopson, William Fraser, Mike Presnell
1987 - John Wehby, Mark Wenger
1986 - Bob Ball, Greg Broyles
1985 - Bob Ball, Greg Broyles, John Shaw
1984- John Jokerest, Rob Farley, John Shaw
1982 - Mike McIntyre, John McCord
1982 - Mike McIntyre, Pat Shires
1981 - Mike Wehby