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Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award

The Volunteer Award was created in 2001 as a way to recognize and reward those current freshmen members of the UT Rugby Team that participated in the high school rugby and continued their playing career with the University of Tennessee.

In 2015 the scope of the award shifted to recognized incoming student athletes after they were admitted but prior to actually playing rugby for Tennessee.  

The award provides a combination of player stipend, full player kit and/or the waiver of the first year team fees. This combination of benefits is based on academic performance, rugby experience and character as defined by the Tennessee Rugby Maxim - Family-School-Rugby.

History of the Volunteer Award



Sehrab Bagha, Houston High School
Matthew Beacom, Father Ryan High School
Brendan Bibb, Lambert High School
Tommy Codevilla,  West High School
Walker Helms, Station Camp High School
Garrett Moorman, Ravenwood High School
Griffin Peal, Brentwood High School
Jake Rath, Ravenwood High School
Jarret Self, Ardrey Kell (NC) High School
Wesley Turner, Siegel High School
Dane Whitney, Libertyville (IL) High School

Tyler Ensign, St Augustine Prep (NJ)
Greg Giangiulio,  St Augustine Prep (NJ)
Josh Shetler, Beech High School
Xavier Stahlman, West High School
Grayson Wallace, Nolensville High School

Marcus McClain, Stewarts Creek High School
Will Ring, Gallatin High School
Jackson Powers, Farragut High School
Drew Harmon, Ravenwood High School
Cam Scherer, Ravenwood High School
Timmy Yeager, Ravenwood High School
Daniel Wells, Hardin Valley Academy
Cole Kimler, Hendersonville High School

Will Shaw, Father Ryan High School
Graham Wallace, Ravenwood High School
Jace Walter, Ravenwood High School
Tory Griffin, Ravenwood High School
Justin Walker, Ravenwood High School
Tyler Watson, Germantown High School
Andy Dukes, William Blount High School
Dawson Moseley, Bearden High School

Tommy Lane, Bearden High School
Riley Archer, Bearden High School
Justin Ransom, Cordova High School
Jack Visca, St. Benedict at Auburndale
Mike Turner, South Doyle High School
Brandon Tamasese, South Doyle High School

Ben Schwartz, Bearden High School
Garrett Montgomery, Ravenwood High School

Volunteer Rugby Award with TRA

From 2002 through 2013 the Volunteer Award was awarded to freshmen student athletes at the University of Tennessee who also played in the Tennessee State High School League.  In 2001 all schools in Tennessee were approached by the high school league about forming an award that was dedicated to players in the TN HS league.  UT was the only school to meet this 10 year commitment issuing over $9000 in stipends during that time frame.

Jake Murphy, Bearden HS
Jack Donlon, White Station HS
Nick Duklewski, Germantown HS

Ryan Roper, Seigel HS
Logan McNeil, Farragut HS

Matt Jackson, McMinn Co HS

Elliott Woodall, Ravenwood HS

Matt Neuhart, Farragut HS
Zach Mobius, Maryville HS 
Nick Evans, Brighton HS
Rick Wheeler, Ravenwood HS

Chris Buckley / Farragut HS
Jonathan Becraft / Houston HS

Joel Fugate / Brentwood HS
Benji Goff / Brentwood HS
Seth Jones / Brentwood HS
Steven Reese / Brentwood HS
Gabe Woodson / Karns HS

Zack Boswell / Franklin HS 
Joe McLaughlin / Father Ryan HS 
Brad Meccia / Farragut HS 
Sam Moss / Bearden HS

Tony Baker / Maryville HS 
Jeff Boswell / Franklin HS 
Jason Hall / Central HS 
Jared Huisingh / West HS 
Jeff Knotts / Maryville HS 
Joseph Potter / Maryville HS

Kevin Hartley / Brentwood HS 
John Paul Hampstead / Powell HS

Luke Woods / Brentwood HS

Austin Mackens / Riverdale HS 
Josh Peay / Oakland HS 
Brett Jones / Brentwood HS

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